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    I’m finally starting to get ahead of the curve on the things that “had been done” before I got the wagon. The front end is so loose that the back and forth on the front end balded the inside of both tires and shredded them. it’s amazing that they both didn’t blow out and the whole front drop while i was driving. it’s even more amazing that i let it get that far.

    I’ve finally gotten all the parts needed to redo the front end including some 2″ lowering coils. I’d prefer to go with drop spindles and move to disk brakes, but funds prevent that for right now. I also plan to put a 58′ grille on it and the Biscayne turn signals i have lying around. Once the front is lower I’ll be able to tell how far I want to drop the back end.

    Here’s a visual of the current stance and where I want to go with it. Then i can start dealing with the body issues as well as putting on some white walls with chrome smoothies….