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  • Apple & Customer service?

    The world has been becoming increasingly automated and isolated and this will not change. The invention of the internet, thanks Al, has further eroded peoples ability to deal with each other on a social level. The media has allowed people with little to no talent,to have their own tv shows, and run around as if the world centers around them. You take all of these and squish them all together into a tiny retail location and you have your typical apple store.

    Since when did having a telephone or mp3(4) player, that can do many of the things you are no longer able to do for yourself, become a defining extension of who you are. And when did working in non-upscale boutique store give a sales associate the sense that they were better than those around them, because they were changing the world by selling phones and music players.

    To my point. I had worked in retail management for more than half my life and have rarely been surprised by the uptight attitudes and practices of a company until my wife and I went to the Apple store in Emeryville. My wife had purchased an ipod some time ago and, being smarter than myself, purchased an extended protection plan on it. Well long story short, the screen cracked and with contract in hand we came to exchange it.

    Most of us have had to exchange something at one point in time. You grabbed the wrong size jeans from the pile you were trying. You go back to the store, grab the correct pair, swap and your off to your favorite Tiki bar. Well such a conventional process is not good enough for the apple store. I understand having to wait for an exchange. It’s par for the course. But when told that there is a waiting list for the day and you can have you name put into the computer I just about lost it. Oh,
    the other option was to make an appointment. A what!!

    I thought I had misunderstood. So I asked. “So to make an exchange you have to make an appointment?” At this point I made some disgruntled noise and had to walk away. My wife, being the patient Woman that she is tried to make one, only to be told they one make them for five days in advance.

    This may have all been fine if it was not so plainly clear that they were all about selling their product and not dealing with the apparent issues with them. If you need to make an appointment to deal these issues, that does not say much for your product or company policies. There were four people dealing with the wait listed customers and their product issues. Meanwhile the floor was filled with sales associates waiting( as in many standing around) to convert their customers from their lines to the other.

    I have received better service at a Mc Donalds, when I used to eat what they called food, than at the Apple store.

    You guys lost another customer. How do you like those Apples.