The Wagon

I’ve been a sucker for station wagons since I was about four years old. That was when I drove my first car, a 1966 Ford country Squire with the seat in the way-way back. Mind you I was only four, so my drive consisted of going in reverse down my great grandmother’s driveway. Problem is, that besides being four years old, I also did this without permission and was quickly grounded among other things.

Well last year, with much thanks to my wife, a pink 1957 Chevy 210 wagon came home with us. And thanks to Nick for finding it us. This time I went with buying a car that was in theory more mechanically sound and in need obvious body work. Most importantly it was a wagon. Well i was quickly reacquainted with how long it has been since I worked on a car and how little I had retained. I was also reintroduced to the concept that just because someone says it’s been done doesn’t mean it has been.

We all know that old cars take work and it’s a labor of love. It’s tough when the things you planned to do and the money put aside to do it go to items which were supposed to have been done. Lesson learned. This coming month the front end is getting completely redone. Including the addition of 2″ lowering springs.

I should have enough clearance with the shorter tire getting put on. The initial plan was to put on a set of Astro Supremes I had in the garage, but turns out they don’t fit. At least they are going to stay in the Road Devils with Reverend Bobby.

The plan from here involves saving up for new rims and tires, getting patch panels for the fenders and having my purple doors sent here from Ohio. I swear I’m going to get them out of your garage Benny! I’ll send you some more Peet’s Coffee for rent. I’ve got a bunch of other plans for it as well, but I know better than to post some of those until they are done.

Oh yeah I found a link to my car out in the interweb on Jalopnik