is back

This site has always taken a back seat to working on friends sites, projects or just been a mirror of some one my others. I’ve decided that it was time to spend some time here again. Of course to kick start the process, it meant not creating my own layout from scratch, and starting with a template. This of course will probably end up being just as much work as I will no doubt rework all the templates to serve my evil purposes.

I have some big news coming up but I’ll save that for later. Also some work is finally happening to the wagon, which I will also get into a little later. For now I need to focus on deconstructing this layout and putting back all of the content that used to be here.

One Response to is back

  1. Looks like your going full steam ahead. Really Jazzed about the lil Van. I need to discuss your mad skillz with you call me.