Car shows are lame

You live in an area long enough, you get to know or recognize the same people and the same old cars.
After a while it gets pretty stupid to go and park and just hang out all day. Now I just went to what
was supposed to be a “cruise”. Saw some people I hadn’t in a while, so that was cool. Had a really good
throw back burger. Hung out a bit and caught up. Waiting for the “cruise” part of it all. Never happened.

I was excited to hit the road with a bunch of folks in their old cars and just “cruise ” up and down the streets.

Never happened. Whatever.

Just the usual stand around and take pics of the same cars in a parking lot and put them online.
Well not every car. Seems like my ride was the only one that didn’t make the grade.
Could have been the color, could have been the rust, could have been my colors.

Really not important. I left and went on my own cruise…