Van Baby makes three

A few of my friends already know the good news, but for those that have not yet heard,

“I’m going to be a daddy!!”

The hardest part has been in keeping it a secret from my family. It’s the whole tradition of not saying anything until after the first trimester, when you know that everything is ok and that the munchkin has decided they like you and will stick around. Also I guess it’s not to jinx it for the very same reason. As I write this most of my wifes family knows that “we” are expecting.

In my family my sister is the only one to know. She was the first person I told and swore to secrecy. She has done an amazing job in keeping it. Now that my in laws know, I so want to tell my mother. Her birthday is in a week and I can think of no better time, or way to tell her than to call and wish “Grandma a Happy Birthday”. I usually have no trouble in keeping a secret and usually get some perverse pleasure in doing so, but is so very difficult not to call and let her know. One more week.

Van Baby at 11 weeks