X-mas is early in heaven this year

Hey Heaven, Merry Christmas

Heaven is getting an early Christmas present this year in the form of Bettie Page, who passed away yesterday at the age of 85 years old. Now while I have never met her personally, I am a big fan of her. And I do not mean that solely on the basis or her nude photos you pervs.

You will find countless people expressing their sadness at the loss of this icon and legend, waxing poetic with platitudes of “there will never be another like her” or “she will be missed”. Yes there will. Her legacy is that she lived her life being true to herself. What she did was ground breaking for her times, but that was a byproduct of her living her life on her own terms. It was never to become the ultimate pin up queen. That sort of vanity and egoism had yet to rear it’s ugly head in our society.

She showed that beauty truly does come from within and that being your own person is where it’s at. This should be of great importance in a society that thinks that beauty is one part cookie cutter, two parts silicone, a dash of Miss Clairol and the tattoo of the week.