Post cards from the past

People have a tendency to collect things over their lifetimes that hold some significance to them; a rolled out copper penny from pier 39, high school year books, photos from when they were still kids. Every item taking them back to a specific point in time in their lives, a memory of someone whom they loved or a time which they wish they could return to.

Like most people I have my share of items which i hold on to. Some of my dearest are those items that used to belong to my father. Over the years most have been stolen by or have “disappeared” in the care of friends and family. Mostly family though, as I look back. The few items that do remain are carefully tucked away from the careful hands of others.

The most prized of these items are three letters that my father sent to my mother while in Vietnam. What makes these letters different is that they are voice recordings on 1/4″ reel to reel tape. I can’t tell you the number of times I listened to those recording as a child. These letters had nothing to do with me. They were meant for my mother and yet the fact that I can go back and still hear my fathers voice is beyond words.

It’s been years since anyone has heard these recordings. Probably more than twenty. One of them broke and several defective reel to reel players has prevented them from being heard. Well it seems that this digital age will bring an end to this. I have found a place that will repair and transfer the recording to digital format. I’m having them do the transfer and make enough copies to send to my family for them to listen to as well.

After all this time his voice will be heard again. I just wish he were here to hear mine.