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    When last we met our hero and heroine, they were in the midst of their battle with the monster known only as “the unpacking of the house”. Both sides being tired, the campaign to exert supremacy continued with progress leaning in the favor of the humans. In this exciting episode you clearly see victory is going their way.

    The battle began, with the removal of the Brady bunch wood paneling which reveled the true depth of evil within the monsters heart. 50 years worth of layered wall paper! Our heroes not easily discouraged and with the aid of their trusty sidekick, the Wagner power steamer, set forth to battle this enemy formed by the bad taste of many decades. Here is the visual record of this battle of the ages.

    Brady Bunch Paneling

  • Welcome to Chez Lovely

    Welcome to Chez Lovely
    Welcome to Chez Lovely

    It has been a crazy couple of months and none more so than the last. It has been non stop packing, painting and then about 8 hours of moving. But at long last, and forever, we are in our new home. The timing is perfect as our little girl is due in about 7 weeks.

    Of course there is still the cleaning out of the old house and removal of all the piddly crap we still have there. It is amazing how much crap you can accumulate over time and still delude yourself as to the sheer volume of it all.

    Of course being in the new house means that the adventure if far from over. Now comes the continued painting, the unpacking, and the month long project of clearing two walls of its 8 to 10 layers of wall paper followed again by more painting. And this just in! Now comes the re plumbing, and tiling of the bath room, cutting and rerouting of gas lines and then the rewiring of the craptastic web of phone lines under the house. All this within the next 4 weeks.

    And you know what I wouldn’t change a single thing. Except for maybe some more sleep.