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    I tend to like things that most people would call old. We and most people who understand prefer the term vintage. Another way to put it is stuff made much better than today’s crap. My wagon is more than 50 years old and my newest bike is at least 15 years old. Now this love makes it difficult , at times to find parts and /or accessories to go along with these classic items.

    Such has been the case in my hunt to find a seat to carry my daughter on my vintage cruiser, which is actually older than my wagon. I came close to finding a new child seat but that would have meant removing the lay back seat post that took me two years to find. not only that it is the only thing that allows my petite 6′ 3″ frame to ride it comfortably.

    Well today ebay came through once again. Looky here:

    Going to get it blasted, powder coated and maybe a little red & white roll and pleat to match the Colson.
    I will of course also add a 3 to 5 point harness to keep the Peach in her fancy seat.