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  • Car shows are lame

    You live in an area long enough, you get to know or recognize the same people and the same old cars.
    After a while it gets pretty stupid to go and park and just hang out all day. Now I just went to what
    was supposed to be a “cruise”. Saw some people I hadn’t in a while, so that was cool. Had a really good
    throw back burger. Hung out a bit and caught up. Waiting for the “cruise” part of it all. Never happened.

    I was excited to hit the road with a bunch of folks in their old cars and just “cruise ” up and down the streets.

    Never happened. Whatever.

    Just the usual stand around and take pics of the same cars in a parking lot and put them online.
    Well not every car. Seems like my ride was the only one that didn’t make the grade.
    Could have been the color, could have been the rust, could have been my colors.

    Really not important. I left and went on my own cruise…

  • Bail Out Rant: an opinion

    This is my opinion which is laced with some facts. You don’t need to like it, but it needs to be said.

    I’m tired of hearing people say that we shouldn’t bail out the auto industry. I agree that we shouldn’t do it in the same bullshit way we did with the financial markets. No oversight, penalties. When the bailout was halted on the first vote, the news papers printed all the addendum’s to the first draft which made it ok to push through. And it is was all for special interests. It did nothing to help the public.

    People, who admittedly should not have been allowed to purchase homes, are still in the same situations they were before and are still most likely going to lose their homes. But hey the execs still get to have their parties and bonuses.

    Now of course since the American public got duped that first time. Wait is this the first time the government has duped us? Sorry wrong topic. Now our collective panties are in a bunch and we don’t want to help anyone. Bottom line is that this bailout needs to happen and it needs to have some serious regulation and oversight with it.

    People don’t seem to realize, or care that this is the end of the line for what America produces. We no longer make anything. Not even our own steel. Everything is “consumed” , I’m sorry imported from other countries.

    Let’s look beyond the fact that the guys who run these companies couldn’t put a car together themselves and that they flew in private jets. Like every other industry it’s really run by the government and special interests groups which in this case is Big Oil. Ford already produces an energy efficient car that gets about 65mpg. It’s in Europe and they are not allowed to produce it here.

    There were vehicles built in the 70’s that ran on water that have not been allowed to make it to mass production. If these companies are allowed to fail it will crush our economy. Everyone loves to jump on the coat tails of these arguments, but who is really ready to have it affect their daily life.

    We live in a world where everyone feels that they are deserving or more likely entitled to the things they want in life. In this world of plug and play , instant gratification most are unwilling to work, wait or suffer for those things. It has become the American way to refuse to shoulder responsibility or take blame for ones own actions. Denying this bailout will not hurt the people with private jets and custom tailored suits who are asking for this money. If these industries fail it will be the people who actually have a work ethic and understand what hardship and suffering is, that will suffer the most.

    No the bailout should not happen like it did before, but America can not let the very industries that have shaped our nation and society more than any other fall away because we the people have failed to regulate those who speak for us.

    *Some grammar and punctuation may have suffered due to time constraints. Deal.