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  • She’s a girl!!

    It’s been three weeks since we found out that our baby is a girl. Yesterday we found out that she is still a girl. We couldn’t be happier as, well that is what we ordered. We have a few pics including one of those new fangled creepy 3d ones. It turns out that our little girl like to sleep with her feet in her face.

  • Growing pains

    As most that know me know, I belong to a vintage car club. But it is more than just a club, or a group of friends. It is a family.  And like with any family you will have your ups and downs, but in the end you hope that all things can be overcome. Not all things can. Not even when bound by blood.

    Recently my band of usually merry brothers have experienced a great tearing in the fabric of our brotherhood. The sad thing is that we may never truly know what the real causes were on either side. I do not believe that blame lays only on one side. It rarely does.  A large number of brothers have left to forge their own path and we wish them all the best. For those that are near them, I’m sure that we will support them as we can and will not drag them through the mud. I’m sure that they will do the same.

    I do not agree with how they left. I do not agree with how it was handled or not handled by everyone involved. It has happened and we must all move on. If one thing does come from this, it is that their exodus has both reinforced and reminded those of us who remain that the point of this all is the common interest in old steel and the brotherhood forged by it.

    For some the loss will not be felt as much as the distance between them is small and the is still the chance to hang out with them. For other the same can not be said.  In the end I hope that their new family and ours will both be stronger and continue with the traditions that started us all.