• Googling Dad

    My Father, Joseph A.Litzler,  passed away at a very early age for both of us. He was a career Marine. A Drill instructor. The best way to explain to people what he did was to say Think of Lou Gossett Jr in an Officer and a Gentleman or better yet, Clint Eastwood in Heart Break Ridge. Seems like someone else uses the same analogy. It’s nice that while my father passed before the internet came to be that he has made his way there. Anyway here’s the quote i found about him.


    Sounds like an experience I had at NAS Pensacola in 1969, only I was the hapless ‘boot’ in charge of marching the rest of AOC/NAOC Class 3869.

    The drill instructor was there, grading me, as I marched my guys into an 8′ chain link fence adjacent to the parade ground. My Drill Instructor, Gunny Litzler…well, I was going to say he “took command” from me because he felt sorry for me – NOT. In his gutteral voice I think he muttered something very insulting designed to estimate your worth just shy of a Sand Flea.

    I withstood a lot of abuse and humiliation during those two weeks of Boot and sixteen weeks overall and after commissioning, I think I stared at my new uniform (Working Khaki’s and the Naval Officer’s crest on my piss-cutter) for about two hours before I hit the sack.

    I still remember Gunny Litzler the most (we had about three other Drill Instructors)because he was about the meanest looking guy I had ever seen, and a true Marine Professional. He looked about 100 years old and yet, you realized he could break you in two in a fair or dirty fight. At all of 5 feet 7 inches of him, I realized that the Gunny was the kind of man that kept America safe all these years. He may have been lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable, and dispised the ground I walked on, but I loved him for what he taught me – taught all of us – during that very challenging 16 weeks. I never knew how long I could hold an M-14 with outstretched arms, until September 16, 1969, but under Gunny Litzler, it was a lot longer than I’d ever expected. Think of a short Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge, or Jack Webb in the “DI”. That was Gunny Litzler.

    Forty-two years ago…and I can still see his face.

    Hand slute…Ready two!



  • Looky here

    I tend to like things that most people would call old. We and most people who understand prefer the term vintage. Another way to put it is stuff made much better than today’s crap. My wagon is more than 50 years old and my newest bike is at least 15 years old. Now this love makes it difficult , at times to find parts and /or accessories to go along with these classic items.

    Such has been the case in my hunt to find a seat to carry my daughter on my vintage cruiser, which is actually older than my wagon. I came close to finding a new child seat but that would have meant removing the lay back seat post that took me two years to find. not only that it is the only thing that allows my petite 6′ 3″ frame to ride it comfortably.

    Well today ebay came through once again. Looky here:

    Going to get it blasted, powder coated and maybe a little red & white roll and pleat to match the Colson.
    I will of course also add a 3 to 5 point harness to keep the Peach in her fancy seat.

  • Car shows are lame

    You live in an area long enough, you get to know or recognize the same people and the same old cars.
    After a while it gets pretty stupid to go and park and just hang out all day. Now I just went to what
    was supposed to be a “cruise”. Saw some people I hadn’t in a while, so that was cool. Had a really good
    throw back burger. Hung out a bit and caught up. Waiting for the “cruise” part of it all. Never happened.

    I was excited to hit the road with a bunch of folks in their old cars and just “cruise ” up and down the streets.

    Never happened. Whatever.

    Just the usual stand around and take pics of the same cars in a parking lot and put them online.
    Well not every car. Seems like my ride was the only one that didn’t make the grade.
    Could have been the color, could have been the rust, could have been my colors.

    Really not important. I left and went on my own cruise…

  • Madsen Cycles

    We all know I love me some bikes. I have a trike that I’m finishing up so that I can take the munchkin around the island with her car seat in the basket. I have anotheKustom trike in the works as well about 8 others. Originally I was trying to find a flatbed industrial bike like the Dutch, Chinese and many other countries use, so that trips to the beach, grocery shopping etc could be done via pedal power. Most of these are hard to find, prohibitively expensive or require doing a conversion like xtra cycles clever option.

    Well just yesterday my wife introduced me to Madsen Cycles. Not sure how I missed them. Wicked awesome cargo bikes that appear to rival Workman cycles. I can’t wait to get my hand on one of these. And maybe convert it to a trike. :)